“Tentatively Titled” is a project that I started almost a year ago, October 2010, for my Digital Capture & Output Class at New Mexico State University.  When I initially began the project, it had no name and no definitive objective, other than my desire to document my personal growth.

I had begun a journey of self-discovery during the beginning phase of this project that, being in my late 20’s, made me feel like a kid again.  I was defining myself emotionally and physically as a new woman.  I’ve never been one to “flaunt” my body, seeing as how i was about 40 lbs heavier than what you see in these photographs.  It was not that I felt insecure, it just wasn’t “me”.  Nonetheless, I was determined to challenge myself and push my personal boundary limits that I didn’t necessarily know I had.

What you see here are images taken in my former bedroom and bathroom, which are both intimate and personal spaces, a continuing theme within “Tentatively Titled”.

These images were included in a group of thirteen 11″x17″ inkjet prints for my Bachelors of Fine Arts graduation show, along with handmade books and faux polaroids.  More images from this phase of my project are soon to come.


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