That is actually a rhetorical question, because in reality, I would not want to meet a person who didn’t enjoy live music.  I’ve been going to concerts for so many years now and I take pictures at every single one of them.  Early in my photographic career I decided I wanted to photograph live bands for a living; as a matter of fact, I still want to.  Ideally, I want to tour with bands and document their road trip/tour trials and tribulations and photograph their live performances.  The concept of telling a story about a group of people who lead an unconventional life fascinates me.  It’s all about capturing those candid moments behind the scenes, and during the live shows, that perfectly characterize the artist that I believe make all the work worth it.

I’ve recently fallen infatuated with the world of hip hop and it seems as if Seattle, WA is a hip hop hub, both on a local and national level.  Just a few days ago on, September 22, I had the pleasure of seeing Sage Francis, along with local Sadistik  and the duo from Brooklyn, the Metermaids, at Neumo’s  in Capital Hill.  I shot this show with my fisheye lens, just for fun, and in JPEG format.  So, what you see here is basically what I saw live, aside from some minimal cropping.


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