It’s been months since I’ve been in my hometown of El Paso, TX; I can say by now, I miss it.  My best friend currently lives and is attending graduate school in Tucson, AZ, however, when he’s back in El Paso, we always head out on these excursions.  We like to call them “Tours of El Paso”, original, I know, ha ha.  However, when I look back at my photos of our tours I realize, El Paso is indeed a unique city and its most beneficial attribute is the fact that it is a border town.

Here are two prominent statues by famed El Paso sculptor Luis Jimenez.  The first is titled “Vaquero” and was located at the entrance to the El Paso Museum of Art. As of last month, the “Vaquero” has officially been moved to the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, Ark.  The second image is of an El Paso staple, a sculpture entitled “Los Lagartos”, which commemorates a time in El Paso when live alligators lived in San Jacinto Plaza downtown.


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