As I’ve said before, I love live music and living in Seattle gives me the opportunity to see bands that would never have stopped in El Paso; one of those bands being VNV Nation. VNV Nation, who are now based out of Germany, include industrial/synth/ebm/trance influences in their music.  The crowd of people at the concert was incredibly diverse and Ronan Harris, VNV’s frontman, was surprisingly comical, making jokes, and gracious to the audience, saying ‘thank you’ over and over again.  Their set was well balanced and included old favorites like “Illusion” and “Dark Angel” and songs from the new album Automatic.  However, my favorite part of the show was at the end.  After two encores, VNV Nation ended the night with “Perpetual” (my personal all-time favorite song) which then ended with a three minute crowd sing-along of the lyric “Let there be/Let there always be/Never ending light”.  It was a powerful and beautifully moving way to end the night; I could not have enjoyed that concert any more than I did.

This was the opening band, Straftanz. I had never heard their music, but it was delightfully “poppy” and industrial- a strangely perfect pair.

This last photo is a perfect example of Ronan’s comedic attitude.  He did several funny poses for the photographer in the pit.

Ron Harris2


  1. Gorgeous photos! That first image of Ronan is by far my favorite; it's dynamic, well-balanced, and iconic. I had the extreme pleasure of attending this very show; it was my first true concert, and I could not have asked for a better band to see than VNV Nation.

    Thank you so much for posting your photos for this show. It's great to see other VNV fans sharing their experiences!

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