Film. 35 mm film to be exact. It’s unpredictable, especially when being used in combination with a Lomography camera. Enter the Diana Mini, a new addition to my Lomography camera collection. I’ve never owned the original Diana F+, but that’s okay by me because I bet the Diana Mini is definitely a promising contender! This lil guy can shoot full 35 mm frame or half frame.  You know what that means? Twice the photos!

The first roll to take a trip through my Diana Mini was a roll of Fuji Superia 400 ISO.  I took the roll to my local Bartell’s Drugstore which happens to be about five blocks away.  The guy had accidentally made prints for me, because I hadn’t said otherwise. Nonetheless I was excited to get to scanning and lo and behold, what did I find in the plastic film canister that came back with Diana Mini prints?  A new roll of Fuji Superia 400 ISO film.  What did that mean? Well, the guy lost my negatives! I went back to Bartell’s and spoke with three different people who were very apologetic for losing my negatives. The manager said my next development was on them (little do they know I’m about to go on vacation so I’ll be back with at least 10 rolls of film) and said they’re continuing the “investigation” of my missing negatives.
All I have are prints and they definitely came out great! The greens are a fluorescent hue and the blues are so saturated my images border on surreal.  I appreciate the blurriness of the images.  I definitely feel a little “freer” shooting with the Diana Mini because it seems like it can do no wrong. Can’t wait to take this mini with me to the southwest!

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