A few months ago a fellow member of mine from the Seattle Lomo Adventure Club was trying to lighten his camera load and sold me a Minox 35 EL.  He singled me out for this camera because I’m a fanatic for all things Andy Warhol and this pocket-sized cam was a favorite of Mr. Warhol’s.

The Minox 35 EL was introduced in 1974 in Germany and is credited with being the world’s smallest 35mm camera.  There is a front flap that must be pulled down for the lens to be pulled forward; closing it prevents the shutter from taking any photographs if pressed.  There is a flash mount that can be used with any flash with a square foot and hot shoe mount.
Needless to say, I was extremely excited to give this camera a whirl.  The Minox 35 EL uses a particular battery called PX27, that is no longer available.  Although, my cohort did supply a battery he purchased from somewhere online, the light meter was not working.  Nonetheless, I put in a roll of Fuji film and took less than a handful of shots during cloudy days in Seattle.  It was difficult to advance, so difficult that the ridges in the wheel made indentations in my thumb!  Also, there was no distinctive “click” when i pressed the shutter button, so I was never quite sure if i had taken the photograph or not.  At this point, I let the camera sit on my bookshelf for several months.  Months…horrible, I know.
I decided to give the Minox another chance and brought it along with me on my trip to the southwest to my hometown of El Paso, TX.  The fact that the light meter still didn’t seem to be working did not phase me (I still am not sure if the battery is dead).  I had my Holga 12MFC flash to experiment with and was hoping to use El Paso’s sunshine to my advantage.  To say the least, I was incredibly surprised, pleased and giddy with excitement about the clarity of focus and detail in my photographs.  I also had several blurry images that I was just as pleased with because it was all in the name of experimentation.  The flash worked out great, especially since I ended up taking all my shots indoors.  What do you think?


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