Last summer I stumbled upon an automatic 35 mm camera at Goodwill in Ballard (neighborhood in Seattle) buy Yashica.  It had two corroded batteries which still held some charge because I “tested” it by clicking the shutter and heard the beautiful sound of the motor whirring within the camera.  For $1.50 I couldn’t lose; it also came with the original camera case!  One of the quirks that sold me on the camera is that the film loads from right to left.  I threw in one of my remaining rolls of 35 mm Walgreen’s brand film and shot away and we’ve had a love affair ever since.

The official name of this camera is Yashica Auto Focus Motor from Japanese manufacturer Yashica, which originally began in the early 1950’s.  Yashica initially began making parts for electric clocks, then began making camera components and within four years released its first camera, the Yashimaflex (beautiful, isn’t it?).  Yashica was eventually bought out by Kyocera in the 1980’s and has since changed to another Japanese company that specializes in all things electronic.

My Yashica has definitely become my trusty back up and combined with the “grainyness” and saturation of Fuji Superia 400 ISO, *mwah!* its’s perfection!

The black and white images are were shot with Arista 400 ISO.


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