Happy November! I recently moved and have had so much to catch up on, create and adjust to in the last month and a half. But of course it didn’t stop me from hounding Craigslist for deals! I recently scored an awesome grab bag of five cameras; yes, yes, another Craigslist-full-of-awesomeness-find.

Albeit an impulse buy, the Diana F+ (with flash, flash adapters and Instaback) that was included pretty much sold me on the grab bag of photographic goodies. Also included in that grab bag was a camera simply called VX5 by JoCo People, a company based in Singapore. It’s billed as a “digital Lomography” camera, basically because it can shoot in seven different color settings, as if you had used colored filters on a flash, like most Lomo-ers do, and has a slight vignette. I knew nothing about its existence until I owned it. The VX5 is 12MP and also shoots video. It’s fairly compact, very lightweight, uses three AAA batteries and has a memory card slot for photo storage. The flash is pretty powerful and the images aren’t bad overall.

I would consider keeping it if I wasn’t into collecting actual Lomography analogue cameras and if I didn’t know how to use Photoshop, because basically, with one click of a mouse, I can turn any photo blue, pink, yellow, purple, etc. So, sure, it’s a fun camera, but for fans of Lomography, it’s probably not something worth pining over.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to use and could be a decent “day at the park” type camera.

Behold, the camera:

And my test shots with it:

 Last, but not least, I finally got myself a legit Gorillapod! Which came with a new friend for my beta fish named Machete.


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