The initial purpose of this blog was for me to talk about my photography, which I have. Although, just because my degree is in photography, it doesn’t mean that that is the only kind of art I produce. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been involved in all things artsy and crafty. I just like, no love, to make things! That said, I’m usually working on a number of projects in different mediums at one time, which is why I feel like I was neglecting this blog a little bit because I’m not always photographing things or scanning negatives and the posting seemed left by the wayside. In an effort to condense blogs and create a little more structure for myself, I decided to make this blog about all the art I create. I know it may seem obvious to you to have done that from the beginning, but it was literally an “A-HA!” moment for me because I prefer for things to have their own space.

My blog/website list has shortened and goes as follows:
Click here for info about my quarterly zine From Hell To Highwater on Facebook
Click here to follow my art on Tumblr
Click here to buy zines/art in my store on Storenvy
Click here for one website that has all these links

Now, when I lay it out this way, it still seems like a lot to maintain, so more condensing may occur, but this is it for now. In the next few weeks there will be some major re-organizing and beautifying of websites!

Now on to the fun stuff, which I’ll just list briefly…

** My photograph, “The Backyard”, made it to the top 10 of the Arnold Newman inspired photography contest at the San Diego Museum of Art! Voting ends August 1st and I humbly ask for your vote. All you have to do is enter your email to cast your vote and you have the choice of receiving museum updates.

It’s a contest about how you would represent your family/friends/loved ones through photography, so I submitted a photograph that I took in El Paso, TX of my Mum and lil Sister. The photograph is actually a part of a year long series I did of my family a couple years ago. If you know me, if you know my family, I think you’d agree this photo is pretty accurate. Even if you don’t know my family, I’d say this photo is pretty accurate.
CLICK HERE TO VOTE (Thank you and muchas gracias!)

** A few days ago I was pleasantly (and gratefully) surprised by a buddy of mine who decided to essentially blindly donate funds to me for art. It was a true gesture of support and, at the risk of sounding repetitive, I truly appreciate it. In my case, being an artist means I just make things that I want to see or have and hope that others can somehow relate to and enjoy, so, receiving a gift like that of my friend’s truly reaffirms that I must be doing something right. (Thank you buddy!) As a way to pay their generosity forward, use the code FHTH Fan to get 10% off your purchase in my store! The code will expire August 15th and if you haven’t already purchased Issue II of FHTH, or any other zine of mine for that matter, here’s a good time to do it! You can also find one-of-a-kind collages there and, soon enough, my photographs.

** On August 7th I’ll be participating in a LIVE ART event presented by Arte Fresca in San Diego, CA. It’ll be my first time starting and finishing a painting in public, so I’m really excited! Plus, there’ll be DJ’s, more art and of course, drinks. Click here for the Facebook event info.

And so this isn’t just a text-only post, I leave you with this, a song I’m currently obsessed with.



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