I’ve never done live art before. So when I was asked to join Arte Fresca at their event, “Vivant”, I thought to myself, “Heck yeah! Sign me up!” And she did… and I was filled with mild panic for the next few weeks.

I had no idea what to paint.

Then, literally the night before, it came to me. I decided to paint my deceased beta fish Machete and something that would represent my hometown of El Paso, TX. Listen, some people have dogs, some people have cats, some people have birds, but me, I have fish. I had Machete a little over one year. He survived the week-long road trip from Seattle, WA down the coast to San Diego, CA in a 16oz Tupperware-like container. He even went with me to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where the coat check-in guy was happily surprised to check in a fish for the first time. Machete had a lot of personality and he was just as important to me as any other pet could be to you.

One of the most popular suggestions I got from friends when I asked for ideas of what to paint was Chico’s Tacos. In my hometown of El Paso, Chico’s Tacos is a legend. It’s good, it’s bad, it’s cheap and most of all, it’s tasty! Click here to hear from Food Network Chef Aaron Sanchez (an El Paso native) explain why Chico’s Tacos is an El Paso staple and why it’s the first place he visits when he’s back in his hometown.

Take a look at the (mostly) finished painting I call “Machete en Chuco”!

Vivant really was an awesome event. There were energetic vibes, good music and an eclectic mix of artists. It’s definitely a challenge to start and finish a painting in just four hours, but now that I’ve done one live event, I’d love to do more! It was great to meet new people and get inspired by the other artists’ creativity. I also sold a few copies of my zine From Hell To Highwater, which is always a good thing.

For more photos of other artists at the show visit myย Facebook.




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