My headline says it all.

I’m über excited to be tabling at San Diego’s first Zinefest (and just a tad nervous). I’ll have my zine, From Hell To Highwater, available, as well as some others. I’ll be sure to update this post with photos and my thoughts about how the event went. If you live in San Diego- see you there!

****….****ZINEFEST UPDATE****….****

I don’t know how else to say it, but I had a blast at San Diego’s First Annual Zinefest! Mine and my partner’s (MT) day started at 10 a.m. when we arrived at The Spot! in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego. I’ve only heard good things about Barrio Logan, most notably, that it’s a hot spot of creative activity right now. The Spot! was a buzz of chaotic organization. Us, and our fellow exhibitors, stood anxiously, awaiting instruction on when and where to set up. Eventually, everyone just picked the spot closet to them and the day was on its way!

First of all, this was my first time tabling at a zinefest; it was my first time tabling at all for anything that was purely about my art. MT set up his fantasy art zines (I’m glad he chose to print in color because his artwork is best viewed in color) and offered “Doodles for Donations”, while I set up From Hell To Hightwaterissues I-III, my new serial killer zine (“Good afternoon, Good evening and Goodnight“), some photo-zines, free Warhol-related mini-zines and a mini-zine “how-to” handout. I’m glad I had those handouts, by the way, because plenty of people were curious as to how to actually make zines. The mini-zine handout also had a list of daily activities to do for the month of July, which happens to be International Zine Month.

There was an awesome variety of DJ’s that spun everything from Selena to The Doors to Digital Underground- it was grrreat! The Roots Factory had a live screen printing section that many people took advantage of, including MT, as well as tons of SDZ merch (like buttons, stickers and totes). SDZ also handed out drink and food tickets to the exhibitors and I’m so grateful they did.

I spoke with tons of people who seemed just as excited as us to be there and share the zine love. It was eye-opening to see the wide array of zine styles and formats that people created and the topics zinesters choose to write about. Personally, when I get the inkling to make a new zine, I can feel a bit flummoxed because really, zines can be anything you want them to be and created in any way possible! It’s a bit overwhelming. I did a fair amount of trading my zines for other zines and stickers, which was fun.

Despite having run out of staples, I’d say mine and MT’s first tabling event (together) was a success and we’ve earned a bit of zine-cred in the zinester world. I’ve got my eye on tabling at some nearby zinefests, if time allows. Check out some more photos on Facebook and you can purchase the new issue of From Hell To Highwater, as well as my other zines, in my online store.


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