An example of one of the collages that will be featured in my zine-in-progress.

An example of one of the collages that will be featured in my zine-in-progress.

Project #1: I’ve officially started a new zine! It was fairly unintentional, because I just finished issue III of From Hell To Highwater. But once you get those zine ideas spinning around in your head- you don’t let go! Without giving too much away, it’s still in the very beginning stages, I’ll say that the new zine is personal and will reflect a kind of chaotic intellectual environment that I often find myself in both visually and textually. I hope that piqued your interest.

Project #2: My street art book! It’s been a long time in the making. I’ve taken so many photos of various kinds of street art in numerous cities and now it’s time to put them all together. The currently untitled-as-of-yet book will include both analog and digital photography and will be printed in black and white, but will feature a few color pages as well.

I’ll be participating in two art shows this month. This Sunday will be my third installment of showing art in the quarterly art show, “Hostel Takeover” at Hostel International in downtown San Diego. I displayed photography the first time I participated, then my Sharpie portrait drawings the second time and now, I’ll have a new painting on display as well as a handful of mixed-media collages. The “Hostel Takeover” events are always fun, always include an eclectic mix of talent, style and art and always include food for donation. These shows are a great way to introduce yourself to artists in town that you never knew existed.

Then, at the end of October I’ll be in “Resurrección III”, a Day of the Dead-inspired art show in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego that will feature artwork from 30+ artists all done on wooden crosses. It’s sure to be a fun event, being that it’s the weekend before Halloween!

I’ve also added some new items in my store. First off, there’s issue III of From Hell To Highwater, which features its first interview, first recipe and many first-time submissions. I’m really proud about that and thankful for the strangers who’ve taken a chance on sending me art!

Secondly, there’s my serial killer zine, “Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Goodnight”, which I talked about in an earlier blog post. It’s the first of what is sure to be many editions, because it’s a fascinating portrait project that I plan on continuing.

Finally, I have some brand-spanking new photo prints available too! Four of the images are from my hometown of El Paso, TX. I was careful to select images that I think give a brief insight into the colorful culture of a border town. I’ll be going back to visit in a couple months and incredibly excited! I also selected one image from Seattle, WA (I lived there for just over a year in 2011) taken at Pike Place Market. It’s not the typical image you’d see of the famous sign and it’s not a point of view many will catch at the market, but again, I think it depicts the dichotomy of art, culture and commerce that is incredibly prevalent in many major cities like Seattle.

Well, there you have it- a brief update of sorts.

If you find me at any event and want to purchase (or trade!) zines, don’t be afraid to ask! I usually have a few on hand.


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