I’m pretty good at keeping secrets. In fact, I’m awesome at it. I kept the fact that MT (my partner in crime) and I got accepted into L.A. Zine Fest a secret- until now. I don’t know what else to say, except for the fact that I’m über excited! I’ve received several warnings to be prepared that it’s “kinda crazy”, but, I figure if I can survive L.A. Zinefest, I can survive anything

With that said, I just released my call for submissions for Issue IV of my quarterly zine, From Hell To Highwater. Feel free to join the event page and invite others. Issue III had so many new people, I can only imagine what will come my way this time around. The theme is “Reflect/Regenerate”; think of it in reference to the new year. Submissions/questions should be sent to

The other half of the awesomely good news is I’m organizing an art show in my hometown of El Paso, TX! It’s called “Not-A-Holiday Art Show” and I’m still looking for artists in the area that would like to participate (shoot me an email!). I had a goal of putting together an art show of some kind during my time there and little by little, it’s coming together. It will be a good night of art with friends, old and new, and old school tunes on vinyl, provided by my buddy, Purple Led RRADIO. It’ll be like a homecoming, of sorts, and I’m really looking forward to it.

In follow-up news, I’ve gotten so many great contributions to the Uno Foto Mobile Zine Library. I’m impressed and inspired with every contributor’s talent and creativity. It goes to show how rad zines are as a platform for people to let their voices be heard.

I’ll be preparing to leave to El Paso for the next few days, but once I get back I’ll have full report of my trip, the art show and of course, photos.


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