It’s 2014!

My Near Year’s celebration involved tons of food and relaxation with my partner in crime, MT– and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

2013 was a pretty monumental year for me:

  • I accomplished 6/7 of my 2013 goals!
  • It was my first whole year in San Diego, CA
  • I began a new job that allows me to bike to work (yay for saving money on gas!)
  • I participated in numerous art shows and was able to share my zines, collages, Sharpie portraits and paintings- thereby meeting some awesome San Diegan artists
  • I created From Hell To Highwater, which encouraged me to make zines regularly (HECK YEAH!)
  • I tabled at my first ever zinefest in San Diego’s first ever zinefest
  • I created the Uno Foto Mobile Zine Library, which has enabled me to interact with fellow zinesters all over the world
  • On a personal note, I’m totally confident, pleased and excited by the fact that I feel like I finally know who I am, which, I believe, helped me to accomplish all of the above

Before I move on to 2014…

I visited my hometown, El Paso, TX, a couple weeks ago. WOW- how it’s changed! While I was there, I had a goal of organizing some kind of art show for the purpose of seeing old friends and hopefully making some new artist connections with fellow El Pasoans. Thanks to a buddy of mine, my little idea came to fruition! Below are a handful of photos from the show, but you can find more on my Facebook artist’s page.

I thoroughly enjoyed that night and I appreciated my artist friends for sharing their day with me and everyone else who stopped by to check it out. I think “Not-A-Holiday Art Show!” may have been the start of something when it comes to my future visits to El Paso.

Now… 2014…

I’m starting off the new year by joining Hosteling International in downtown San Diego for my fourth appearance at their quarterly art show, Hostel Takover. Unfortunately, for reasons not disclosed, this will be their last one! This time around I’ll have zines/photo prints for sale and the San Diego debut of the Uno Foto Mobile Zine Library. In regards to the UFMZL (what a wacky acronym, I know), I want to express many thanks to all the zinesters who’ve chosen to donate and trade to add to the collection. I’ve received everything from feminist perzines, collage zines, art zines, collaboration zines- everything. I love them all and hope to share them with as many zine enthusiasts as possible. I have **big** plans for this collection for 2014, but I’ll have to keep mum on it for the time being.

Next on my list is preparation for L.A. Zine Fest! I’ve already put out the call for submissions for issue IV of From Hell To Highwater, with the goal of having it published in time for the fest, but I’m working on publishing some more photo zines. The idea of photo zines is really liberating for me. For one, I have hundreds of rolls of film scanned and saved on my hard drive. During the last year of college, photo books seemed to be all the rage. I admit, I love a good photo book, but it was clear to me that having some major funds is also a necessity in an order to produce them.  **Enter the photo zine** I have found photo zines to be a lot more forgiving with less pressure to create a collection that may seem too formal. Photo zines are also more personable because, just like any other zine, anyone can make one!

Speaking of photo zines, I was finally able to print my street art issue and it has now been uploaded to my store (available in color and b&w)- check it out below! MT and I are working on getting our own printer. I’ve done so much research on printers, after awhile it all seems to blur together and I get overwhelmed by it, but right about now, it’s a necessity.

Happy New Year and here’s to a prosperous 2014 ❤


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