Things have temporarily slowed down in the Uno Foto world and will likely stay that way for the time being while I work on some new projects.

Last month I participated in two events; the first being RIVET: An All Woman Art Show. I made a trio of new pieces that represented the strong and brave women of Pussy Riot. These pieces are up for sale OR an equally awesome art trade will totally be considered. I used to use this method of collage many years ago when I created a series of skulls. It’s time consuming, but I love it because the pieces always turn out vibrant and folksy.

"We Are You", inspired by Pussy Riot

“We Are You”, inspired by Pussy Riot

Soon after, MT and I participated in the CAAT Market, which was held in new-ish territory for us. The Roots Factory (where the CAAT Market was held) is actually across the street from where SD Zinefest was last year, so that was familiar, but it was a totally new crowd for us and that was great! I met some new fellow artists and zinesters. I even traded one of my 4″ x 6″ resin collages (which I forgot to sign- DOH!) for a neat handmade gemstone necklace. Of course there was some zine trading going on as well. MT did lots of sketching and we were both happy to see/meet some new faces.

In most recent news, I was able to give Wayne Coyne (singer of The Flaming Lips) a copy of issue III of “From Hell To Highwater”, so, I know his life is complete now, haha!

Wayne was totally cool and friendly, which made the wait time to meet him *somewhat* bearable. All I could think about was if I had bought one of those white chocolate skulls, it wouldn’t have even made it home with me because I would’ve eaten it! I mean, can you imagine how delicious a $350 white chocolate skull must taste?

I’ve added some brand spankin’ new “From Hell To Highwater” stickers for sale in my store, but the next five orders will get one free! (There’s also a lil promo code you’ll see there to get  discount on any purchase. It won’t expire until FHTH issue V is released.) These laminated stickers were handmade and I’m pretty stoked with the final product.

D.I.M. (do-it-myself) stickers heaven!

D.I.M. (do-it-myself) sticker heaven!

Of course, I’m always working on something new, so you may see some new stickers in the store in the next few days. They’re so fun to make and I find handmade stickers so much more interesting to slap than those mass produced kind. No offense if you have those mass produced kind, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from- D.I.Y. is so satisfying 😉

Keep your eyes peeled on the FHTH Facebook page because I’ll be updating the submission info soon for issue V and hop on over to my Tumblr because I just scanned in some new 35 mm concert photos of Reel Big Fish, Skinny Puppy, Metalachi and my favorite local band, Gloomsday.


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