First off, here’s some photos from the “Perfect 10” Group Art Show at La Bodega! If you had the chance to go, you would’ve seen the great variety of artistic styles San Diego has to offer. La Bodega is a great space, nestled in the Barrio Logan neighborhood, a neighborhood which makes me feel like I’m at home (El Paso, TX).


There’s been lots of things buzzing around my head lately, in regards to artsy ideas. That’s a good thing!

I’ve been on a collage-making binge, which has been really fun. I work off the floor (my desk is way too small) and usually have 2-4 collages going at one time. It’s not necessarily chaotic, but from an outsiders point of view, it may seem……well, chaotic, ha! Stacks of books on one side, I have a paper bag FULL of photographs from the 50s-present day, brushes, paints…it’s all spread out, but that’s how I work. There’s not necessarily a rhyme or reason and I don’t think there has to be for me. My art partner, MT, is the complete opposite and it’s mind-boggling to me! He’s very controlled and disciplined in his contained work space, which I think I’d like to be, but in reality, I can’t/don’t work that way. Unlike my personal life, I’m much more spontaneous when working on my art pieces and rely heavily on my instincts. I really can’t explain it, other than to say, it “feels right”, so that’s why I create it. In all honesty, I think that’s how most, if not all, artists work, to some extent.

Here are some Sharpie sketches I’ve recently scanned in. I don’t consider myself an “illustrator” or draftsman of any kind. All drawings I do are based off photographs, most often taken by me. I use Sharpie because you can’t make a mistake; there’s no erasing. As a result, I focus on getting the drawing done right the first time and in minimal time.

Baby Lisa and her favorite food- BREAD!

Baby Lisa and her favorite food- BREAD!

One of Lil Lisa's favorite Halloween costumes.

One of Lil Lisa’s favorite Halloween costumes.

Lil Lisa's most hated Halloween costume!

Lil Lisa’s most hated Halloween costume!

Dame Darcy is the QUEEN of fantastical characters.

Dame Darcy is the QUEEN of fantastical characters.

I like animal people.

I like animal people.


I think I’ve fallen back in love with Instagram. It’s kind of hard to explain, but seeing as how the point of Instagram is to simply post photos, I think it lends itself well to all artists who want to share their work. I just wish there was a way to send private messages. I guess that’s a personal gripe, lol. You can see my daily IG posts on this website (top left) or just click here to follow me. I’m in constant search for inspiration and like-minded folks, so feel free to seek me out!

Finally, I’m working on my second perzine. (This being my first.) It’s currently, tentatively, titled Coconut and if you get the chance to read it, you’ll see why. I’m somewhat nervous in publishing it because it’s definitely a window into who I am and in general, I’m a private person. The funny thing is, I’ve blogged about my life, in one way or another, for the last 12 years or so. Crap, I feel old, ha! But, there’s something about the idea of actually printing my personal thoughts, art, opinions, diatribes that’s totally unnerving. I guess it’s all about ownership, because, as well all [should] know, the internet allows for comfortability in anonymity, but once you put your words to print, well, you better OWN those words. At the same time, at my age, I feel as though I’m completely comfortable in who I am, so, I have no problem in sharing my thoughts. I plan on having it completed by mid-July.

I got two rolls of film to scan in, some collages to resin- a busy weekend ahead of me! Until next time!


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