It just hit me, we’re more than halfway through the year! It seems to be common topic of conversation, the fact that time seems to be breezing by so fast for so many of us. Nonetheless, my goal is to keep moving forward and try to stay as busy as possible.

Have you been to Broke Girls’ Coffee Bar lately? BGCB is an awesome, woman-owned/operated independent coffee shop in San Deigo’s Normal Heights neighborhood and I’m the featured artist of the month! I worked many, long hours to create the bulk of my mixed-media collages you’ll see if you happen to visit this month. If you do, I suggest the Vietnamese coffee, it’s four espresso shots and just the perfect amount of sweetness. No, I’m not addicted to coffee, what makes you think that? (Yes, I totally am, that’s why four espresso shots are a piece of cake for me!) I’ve also got a handful of From Hell To Highwater and Foodies With Hoodies zines there available to purchase!

Here’s some more exciting news………the first Orange County Zine Fest is this weekend! And From Hell To Highwater will be there! I haven’t spent any time in OC and from what people tell me, the area where OCZF will be held seems pretty artsy and neat. I’m looking forward to *hopefully* meeting fellow zinesters I’ve chatted with online in person- that’s always cool. Remember, OCZF is free and all ages and there’ll be tons of zinesters and workshops to attend. What’s not to like?! Hope to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones! Don’t be shy 🙂


Finally, I’ve been having so much fun on Instagram, finding other zinesters, artists and cooing at all the adorable puppies (I can’t help it). But Tumblr has been the one form of social media that I’ve stood by for the last couple years; I love its simplicity. It’s also afforded me the ability to come into contact with artists and zinesters in my neck of the woods. Here’s one post from a person I traded zines with and whose artwork I ultimately included in the newest issue of FHTH. I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear/read such gracious compliments about my zine. As an artist, sometimes it’s easy to feel like my work falls through the cracks of an overly saturated art/zine world, but it only takes a few nice words every now and then to feel reinvigorated and keep those creative juices flowing. Thank you!


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