Well, it’s been nearly two weeks since From Hell To Highwater was a guest at Orange County Zine Fest and I can’t get over how fun it was! Firstly, it was my first time spending any time in Orange County; I had no expectations, per se, about what Santa Ana would be like, but I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone was! I met everyone from veteran zinesters, to anarchists to Mom’s with their baby’s and one thing was apparent in all of them: they were all really stoked about a zine fest coming to Orange County.

OCZF was held at a place called Diego’s in downtown Santa Ana; a welcoming bar/restaurant that functioned as a workshop/zine fest hot spot for the day. My set up doesn’t take very long, but there was one thing I was super excited about– my new From Hell To Highwater sign! As in true Lisa fashion, it’s totally D.I.Y. and “laminated” with clear packing tape and Mod Podged to black poster board. It looked awesome!

D.I.Y. signage!

This time around MT (my art partner) was tied up back home in San Diego. He’s the Art Director for Gam3rCon and I’ll be selling his fantasy art zines on Friday (July 25th) night! Click here for more Gam3rCon info. That aside, he couldn’t make it, so I tabled with my online-turned-real-life-friend, Brittany C. of Mad Mulatta Zine. We had a great time sipping Sangria and chatting about Beyoncé’s 21st century feminism.

My little set up.

My little set up.

Peeps checking out my table!

Peeps checking out my table!

The banner!

The banner!

FHTH Vol. I on the left and my stickers on the right.

FHTH Vol. I on the left and my stickers on the right.

As the day drew to a close I realized how special the zine world really is and how special I feel to have found it. It’s completely different compared to any other “art” scene in that this art (i.e. the zines) is freely traded, sold cheap or just given away. I think it’s the idea of just sharing what you know and dreaming up different ways to present it that keeps this community going. Zinesters are so quick to share ideas, tips, art, STAPLES!, whatever, with a fellow zinester; there’s no hierarchy in the zine world and I love it for that.

I get asked time and time again how long I’ve been making zines. It’s only been in the last couple years that I do it regularly. I feel very accomplished to have something as stable and unique as FHTH under my belt. If you haven’t picked up a copy, I suggest you do. Why? Because FHTH features artists doing what they love, which is why love it. In all honesty, one of my dream jobs was to become a museum curator. Time has passed and that has changed, but I think FHTH still offers me the opportunity to be a curator of sorts. I like to think that I can pick out something special from each person who’s emailed me with their art. And the fact that people continue to send me their artwork/poetry I hope proves that.

Finally, there’s about one week left for you to view my newest mixed-media collages at Broke Girls’ Coffee Bar in San Diego’s Normal Heights neighborhood. Here’s some cropped images of what you can expect. A couple of my favorite pieces have already sold- how exciting! I know that whoever bought them must have an awesome sense of humor 😉 More photos will be posted on my Facebook art page here.



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