For the most part, I think it’s slim pickin’s for San Diego Craigslist, as far as awesome photography finds are concerned, but I’m persistent and have lucked out on finding various items. My latest find in the “free” section was an Olympus LT-1. I didn’t know a thing about it, except that it looked brand new in the images the person included in her ad, so I jumped on it! She was a very sweet lady who said it belonged to her husband and preferred that the camera went to someone who would enjoy it as much as he did.

The camera itself is compact, in fact, that was the main selling point of the Olympus LT-1. It launched in 1994 and was geared towards travelers, due to its auto-focus and synthetic leather exterior, which doubled as its case. There is a flap that extends from the bottom of the camera, over the lens and can snap shut at the back of the camera. It was available in brown, green, burgundy and black- mine is black 🙂

Chic lookin' compact point-and-shoot

Chic lookin’ compact point-and-shoot

The camera fits perfectly in my hand, is fairly lightweight and has an on/off switch on the front, right next to the lens. It also offers the option to imprint the date on images, which I totally love! I recently developed my first roll of film and have 2 exposures left on the second roll, but here’s a sampling of what I’ve captured thus far.

The rest of my images can be found on my Facebook page. Also, check out my store for newly uploaded mixed-media collages and D.I.Y. stickers. Happy August ya’ll!


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