When it’s 82 degrees in San Diego, CA, you feel it. I’m not complain- oh wait, yeah I am, or at least I have been complaining about the heat. I think it’s the slight humidity in the air that makes 82 degrees feel like a blistering sauna. All I can hopefor is that the weather forecasters in SoCal are more accurate than most and their predictions for cooler temps come sooner than later.

The heat does lend itself to some tasty desserts, right? Maybe something like… ice cream? There’s a new ice cream shop that opened up in North Park called Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream and I’ll be participating in a group art show there next week. Hammond’s has some great unique flavors; I’ve personally tried several of them (hey, I got a sweet tooth!), but the stand-out flavor was Peanut Butter & Guava. It’s an early show and a small-ish shop, so I’d suggest arriving early to get your hands on some tasty flavors and, of course, to check out the art. Click here for the Facebook event info.

The birthday discount is still going on over in my online store. Last week I uploaded a new photo zine called “Transplant”. It features analog photographs taken at various points in time during my life here in San Diego. It’s printed in black and white, but every purchase includes a color photo of one of the images inside, because I do only shoot color film. The photos are a bit random, but I tried my best to include “a little of everything”. I think I’ll always feel like a “transplant”, despite the fact that I’ve lived in San Diego for two years now. I think that may just be a way of life for me, never really setting roots in any city. It’s far too exciting to be able to pick up and move to a new place and try something new. I wouldn’t say it’s “wanderlust”, in fact I’ve never been a fan of that word. Rather, it’s about experiences.

Moving on to another zine note, I’ve  extended the deadline for the sixth issue of my zine, “From Hell To Highwater”. The theme for this issue is “My Hometown”, which I’m looking forward to putting together. I will actually be in my hometown next month and look forward to capturing some new photographs of it to include in this issue. There’s more info on the event page on Facebook, but one thing to keep in mind is this issue will premiere at San Diego Zine Fest on Oct. 5th. I’m so excited to be tabling again at SDZF, because I feel as though the zine movement in San Diego has definitely picked up steam since last year’s inaugural fest.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week! Enjoy your long, holiday weekend. I’m just going to try to stay cool… and maybe eat some ice cream!



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