Many going-on’s have been happening on the Uno Foto front!

First of all, the time has finally come for San Diego Zine Fest! My art partner, MT, and I will be tabling for the second time and have lots of new goodies. My “Transplant” photo zine will be available as well as the newest issue of my quarterly zine, “From Hell To Highwater”.  We got buttons, stickers and MT just published a three-part series of his past art school projects. The zine fest is gonna be bigger and better than last year, I’m sure of it. For me, the day before a zine fest feels like the day before the first day of school. I think about all the awesome people I’ll interact with and the trading of zines and the fact that I always learn more about how to streamline my processes by talking and observing other zinesters. It’s all a great learning experience.

The theme for the current issue of FHTH is “My Hometown”. It was perfect timing for me because I left the hot, sunny city of San Diego for the cloudy, rainy and wet weather of El Paso, TX and it was great! I don’t go back often, but when I do, it always surprises me how much El Paso has grown, but not necessarily changed. I also begin to feel a bit more like an outsider with each visit. Nonetheless, I got some great things accomplished during my trip like trading some mini-zines with other local artists and connecting with Black Sheep Comics, who now have Uno Foto and MT zines available for purchase! It means a lot to me to be able to share my work with people back home; it’s like planting seeds of new information in people’s minds. The zine scene hasn’t quite broken ground in El Paso, so I hope I’m able to enlighten a few people here and there.

I also broke in my new (but used) Pentax IQZoom! It’s a handy little point-and-shoot that can do multiple-exposures as well as shoot on a Bulb setting. A more in depth post on that camera will happen later, but here’s a couple of shots to tide you over.

That’s it for this quickie post! Next time I’ll have a recap of SDZF as well as my review and observations of the Pentax IQZoom.



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