Exactly one week ago I tabled at the 2nd Annual San Diego Zine Fest for the second time… and it was great!

I’ve been doing various kinds of art/zine events for the past year and by now the prep time for events is like, one afternoon. I’ve learned how to tighten up the amount of inventory I take, as well as how to stay to prepared for the next event. I always feel like I forget something, but lists definitely help.

I can’t remember when MT and I registered for San Diego Zine Fest, but it feels like forever ago. In all honesty, we were both very excited about debuting our new zines and just being able to participate in the growing SD zine scene. This year, SDZF was held at La Bodega Art Gallery in San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood. I love this neighborhood, mainly because it reminds me of El Paso, my hometown. Right down to Chicano Park, which mimics the location of Lincoln Park in El Paso, right under the main freeway, its pillars covered in murals representing Chicano/a culture.

This time around I was debuting issue V and VI of From “Hell To Highwater”, as well as my new photo zine, “Transplant”. MT, my art partner, debuted his trilogy of comic zines, which are also available in the Uno Foto Store. There was a steady stream of people stopping by my table who seemed genuinely interested in my work, which is always refreshing to me. I think what totally blew my mind was the fact that some people who stopped by my table said they’d seen my flyers around town and had already thought about submitting and one gentleman, named Christian, actually purchased my zines at a local bookstore, Bluestocking Books in Hillcrest. Stories like this make me especially happy and satisfied because I am a fan of supporting not only local businesses, but local artists. If you can’t buy the work, share it, if you can buy it, share it anyways, lol.

SDZF only gave us a few hours to share our work and I think I took full advantage of it. I felt a sense of accomplishment that was overwhelming yet wonderful at the same time. The purpose for me to participate in zine fests is for me to share my art and zines like “From Hell To Highwater”. The purpose for “From Hell To Highwater”? Well, to share the work of others’! To make art accessible; that’s what this is all about. I was lucky enough to grow up in an art world. I grew up going to art museums and being curious about art in general and I always felt that anyone can make art, share it and enrich the world. I know that sounds a bit simplistic and optimistic, but nowadays, I’ll take any bit of happiness I can get.  And that’s what SDZF was, a few hours of happiness in which I was able to not only share my art with others, but be inspired and encouraged to keep on truckin’.

Ray holding my new minizine!

Ray holding my new minizine!

I'm nice, I swear I am...

I’m nice, I swear I am…

SDZF screenprinting!

SDZF screenprinting!

MT was doing on-the-spot sketch requests.

MT was doing on-the-spot sketch requests.

Up next, the 2nd Annual Dia De Los Muertos Group Art Show, also at La Bodega Gallery! Stay tuned 🙂


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