I can’t believe I almost forgot to share photos from my experience in helping out with a teen zine workshop! But now is as good a time a any considering International Zine Month is in full swing.

Some time in mid-May a friend of mine, Margarat, who is one-half the awesome duo from Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go, asked if I’d join her in helping out at the San Diego Museum of Art’s Teen Cafe. The Teen Cafe is a program that gives teens the chance to be introduced to SDMA exhibitions through art making. As part of the Teen Cafe, we had the opportunity to show guests how to create their own mini and quarter page zines, as well as have a zine library on display.

In all honesty, most of the teens had no idea what zines were. I’m not gonna lie, I felt my age, even if for a fleeting moment. But here was the perfect time to explain the importance of zine making! Personally, I love making zines because of the overall control of content, design and distribution. Also, no topic is taboo and the possibilities are endless in zine design. I only wish I had known about zines as a teenager because there were many times that I felt singled out in many ways. I could have created a network of other like-minded weirdos and traded zines like I do now. Nonetheless, finding the zine world as an adult has proven to be just as fulfilling.

Overall, the zine making was a hit and a couple of teens even said, “Oh! I’ve heard about these!”, which was a great jumping off point. Margarat brought along a typewriter, to which many of the kids also said, “What is this?” Oy!

Take a gander at some of my photos from the Teen Cafe and feel free to play along with IZM by clicking the link here for daily tasks that you can celebrate the awesomeness of zines with!


Thank you for the invite Margarat– I had a blast!


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