The 3rd Annual San Diego Zine Fest has come and gone and so many rad things happened!

Well, first of all, it was held in a bigger space, at Bread & Salt Gallery in Barrio Logan. The gallery used to be the Weber bakery, so you can imagine how awesomely rustic and “warehouse-y” it is. Having one of the first tables at the entrance meant that I was able to beat the heat, although, overall, it wasn’t too bad, despite the throngs of people that showed up.

I tabled alongside my art partner-in-crime, MT, which meant I had someone to watch my table while I took a bathroom break. Lemme say one thing, having a tablemate you can trust to watch your stuff is very handy. I put it at the top of my “Need For Zine Fest” list, along with having at least $20 in 1’s.

Anyways, I debuted two minizines: “Don’t Be A Dick…Share The Road”, which is includes facts about the cycling life, most importantly that in California vehicles need to give at least 3 ft. between themselves and cyclists in order to pass. Sorry, I can digress… as a mostly-regular cyclist (I drive too), there’s plenty of things motorists do that I can critique, but you can read about it in my minizine. Next, my “311” minizine, which includes my favorite uplifting 311 quotes. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of 311, so sue me :-p .

I also debuted “A Show About Something”, which is my first fanzine about a show that means a lot to me, a little show called “Seinfeld”. I found it ironic that while I was putting this zine together, all these “Seinfeld”-related stories kept popping up in my life, most notably that HULU had bought the rights to stream the entire series. Anyways, I highly suggest picking up a copy, because I include tons of facts and a few opinion pieces that I would hope make you think of the show differently.

Finally, there’s “Happy Little Trees”, which is a fanzine about, you guessed it, Bob Ross. I’ve never put a zine together as fast as I did this one; it came together rather serendipitously. Being that I work at an art studio, I hear Bob Ross references all the time, so it’s like he’s always in the back of my mind. I found out some interesting facts about the life of Mr. Ross and the process of making the show, but it was just so cool revisiting the show I used to watch as a kid.

This time around SDZF felt a little different…..in a good way! The community felt tighter. I saw plenty of familiar faces and it was great to catch up, great to see what people are working on. On the other hand, I noticed there seemed to be a lot of people who maybe weren’t too familiar with zines in general and that’s also a great thing! Luckily, there was such a variety of zinesters, I think it’s safe to say no one left empty handed. One thing was incredibly clear– SDZF was bigger and badder.


One last thing…if you live in San Diego and curious about zines, head out to the San Diego Public Library downtown, because they have a brand spankin’ new Zine Collection! I’m honored to say that a couple of my art minizines are included in that collection and soon (hopefully), my serial killer zine entitled “Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Goodnight”.

All the zines mentioned above are available online and check out some more photos on my zine’s Facebook page!


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