…..if it is, then Happy Chinese New Year!

I’ve been a busy bee the last few weeks and trying to get my butt into gear and do at least a daily puppy drawing for my new zine in progress… but more info will come on that later.

Last month I helped out my zine buddies, Margarat and Kim from Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go, with their “Publishing Punk” event at the San Diego Public Library by photographing the event. (Check out some photos on their Facebook page!) Margarat and Kim provided a powerpoint presentation that was chock-full of San Diego zine history. I still consider myself a San Diego transplant, so I thoroughly enjoy anything I learn about this fine city that’s been so good to me. The lesson I got was one of a tight-knit community of DIY’ers who didn’t wait around for stuff to happen, they made it happen. This is an ethos I see carried into today. Despite San Diego being somewhat of a sprawling city with it’s niches of communities, there’s still a sense of overall support.

Last month I was also a part of Hostelling International’s local art/music show, “Hostel Takover”. These events used to happen every few months up until a year or so ago, so I’m stoked they brought it back. The hostel itself (located in the Gaslamp District of San Diego at 521 Market St.) is closed to non-guests, so “Hostel Takeover” is the place to be if you’ve ever been curious about what it looks like on the inside. The next “Hostel Takeover” is on April 17th and I hope to be a part of it. Below is one of the only photos I have of my little zine set up because I was too busy chatting it up!

Just last week I was in San Francisco visiting my BFF, with no particular to-do list. Nonetheless, I was able to get something awesome accomplished. My Seinfeld fanzine, “A Show About Something”, Bob Ross fanzine, “Happy Little Trees” and informative biking minizine, “Don’t Be A Dick… Share The Road” are now available at The Grand Newsstand and Alley Cat Gallery & Books! The Grand Newsstand is this cool little gem of zine-dom on Market St., near the Ferry Building. The green kiosk really was an old newsstand and Courtney has repurposed it to sell art and zines– what an awesome idea. The little nook comes complete with a chair, if you plan on staying a bit to read some zines. Alley Cat Gallery & Books is just a neat little space for all things paper, really ha! You’ll find letterpress cards, books, zines and art made by local SF artist’s, that’s always a good sign.

Next event on the agenda is the San Diego Public Library’s first ever Teen Zine Fest. I’ll be there helping out Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go with their scrap lounge, but I’ll also have some freebies of my own and info on my collab-zine, “From Hell To Highwater”. Which, by the way, I’m currently seeking submissions for. Visit the Facebook page for more info, or feel free to shoot me an email at lisa(at)unofotoart.com. I’ll most definitely be extending the deadline, so no need to worry, submit away!



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