2016 Was/Is A Hot Mess…

….politics aside….

…2016 has definitely been the year of change for me. In the months since I’ve last posted here there have been many personal life changes– one of them spurring one of the most personal and cathartic zines I’ve ever made. Break Up The Make Up is about my recent break up with my long-time partner. That experience in and of itself was brutal when it happened; I’ve since moved on and learned a lot personally, but I feel like that’s an ongoing project, right?

Heartbreak is a universal experience, some hurt more than others, some take more time to heal. Making this break up zine was a huge part of that “recovery” for me. I wrote and wrote and wrote, until my eyes blurred. I found old journal entries that made me want to cringe, largely due to the fact that it seemed like I was fighting my instincts for what my heart wanted. I have no regrets, I mean, you can’t in life. You do what you do because it feels “right” at the time. The key is to accept your choices, reflect on them and grow from it.

Needless to say, I’m proud of my drawings and my words in this zine. The feedback I’ve received has been creatively helpful and heartwarming. At the end of the day, break ups are not the end of the world (even thought it feels like it at the time); it’s just a part of living. Just this morning I saw a piece of street art that said “Live to Love” and it made me smile, because I think that’s what we need right now, to love… and not just in the romantic sense of the word. The world is a chaotic place right now and heartbreak is just a drop in the bucket.

Break Up The Make Up is currently available at Verbatim Books in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, as well as directly from me ($7 total for me to snail mail it out to ya!).

I’m currently working on a couple of zines and drawing as often as possible (you can see daily posts on my Instagram). Soon enough, I’ll be putting out a call for submissions for my compzine, From Hell To Highwater, which has been on hiatus for a few months, but it’s time to get back in the saddle again! It feels as though there’s never enough time in the day to accomplish everything I’d like to.


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